Matured to perfection

Matured to perfection

Many things improve with age and our cheddar is certainly no exception. However it’s not just our award winning cheese that has benefitted from the passage of time. The Barber family have been making traditional cheeses in the West Country for 180 years. As the years have gone by the expertise of each generation has been passed on to the next, combining the traditional tried and tested ways of making the very best cheese with the modern inventions and technologies of the day.

Today, still based, as it always has been in Somerset, our family are proud to be the oldest cheddar producer still making cheese in the world. We’re pleased to say there’s no chance of us moving anytime soon either. West County Farmhouse Cheddar is protected by a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and can therefore only be produced within the counties of Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

Where we used to farm with horse and cart, and milk by hand, we now use modern milking machines in our state of the art dairy. We even have our own laboratory on the farm to protect the vital starter culture that has been the secret ingredient in our family cheese-making recipe since 1833.

Looking after our environment and sustaining the countryside has always been important to us, but it’s never been as critical as it is today. So, we now use technology to ensure that nothing is wasted in the production of our cheese and whatever can be, is recycled. From water to whey, we make sure every single part of the milk is used and nothing is wasted.

One thing is for sure, where modern techniques and practices have their place; some things are always best left to tradition and experience. Barber’s have always made the very best cheese and we have no intention of that changing for a many years to come.