Trendy & traditional (& Vegetarian)

Trendy & traditional (& Vegetarian)

We’ve been making the best cheese we can for over six generations. We still use traditional methods to produce wonderfully Vintage and Farmhouse cheddars. Our tried and tested techniques make fabulous cheeses that have won awards and accolades from around the word. 

With millions of vegetarians all over the world eating cheese as a vital source of protein, we are proud our cheddar has been suitable for vegetarians for decades. 

We think that using our own specially created starter culture and vegetarian rennet in the production of our cheese makes the very best cheddar, and that’s why we use it. We’re really pleased however that our cheeses happen to be suitable for vegetarians too because there are relatively few traditional cheddars that are available to the veggies amongst us. 


We love to cook for our vegetarian friends because they are inevitably pretty amazed when they find out that they can eat a really great cheddar, that’s packed with flavour and character and stay true to their vegetarian values. They often comment on the great depth of flavour our cheeses add to dishes and recipes and love that they have a unique and exciting, robust cheese to add to their cheese boards too. Of course our cheeses offer a fantastic amount of nutritional benefits to those who enjoy a meat-free diet too. So why not try one of our favourite recipes and find out? Click here for our latest recipes.