Cheddar charms the world

Cheddar charms the world

Cheddar has always been close to British hearts. It has long been our most popular cheese and is loved by millions. However it is no longer our own tasty secret - its appeal has gone global!

‘British cheese has never been more popular’ according to Nigel White, Secretary of the British Cheese Board (BCB). ‘120,000 tonnes of British cheese was exported last year across the world - more than double the amount 10 years ago’. 

At Barbers, we are really excited about this trend. We’ve always been passionate about our hand-made West Country Farmhouse and Vintage Reserve Cheddar, so it’s great to see the rest of the world enjoying it too. Specifically it is extra mature cheddars that are in demand, both at home and abroad. As we make our cheese to an age-old family method which maximises robust flavour and maturity, our cheese fits the bill perfectly.

By far the most exciting new global market is China, which has rapidly become the fastest growing dairy market in the world with over 1.3 billion consumers! Japan and the Middle East are hot on their heels too as demand for traditional British, hand-crafted products increase the world over.

Even Continental markets (which have long been reluctant to choose cheddars, as they have such a wealth of wonderful hard cheeses of their own) are rapidly getting a taste for our English more mature tasting vintage cheeses. According to the BCB sales across Europe are up significantly, especially in cheese-connoisseurs France, where demand for our cheese has increased by over 5%.

We’re pleased to say however that although we’re sending lots of our richly flavoured, creamy tasting cheese abroad, we’re working extra hard to ensure there’s still plenty here at home too! Why not click here to see how our cheese is made.