Be choosey about your Cheddar

Be choosey about your Cheddar

There are many Cheddars’ available to buy, but only a few will bring something special to your cooking.

Cheese is such a versatile ingredient. It’s nutritious, nourishing and can be used in a multitude of ways. But how do you know which cheddar to choose and how to use it? Follow our quick guide to find out more.

Our Vintage Reserve Cheddar 1833 is firm to the touch, has a consistent creamy colour throughout and a smooth texture interspersed with small, crunchy crystals. These are not made of salt, but calcium lactate and should be present in good quality aged cheddar of about 18 months or over. It’s a good indication that the cheese has been made well and is old enough to be full-flavoured and tasty.

At Barber’s we have always believed in using the best raw ingredients to make our award winning Cheddar. We feel the same about the ingredients we cook with at home. If you start with ingredients with a wonderfully rich and robust flavour, then those qualities will end up in your finished dish, making it delicious and full of character. So our cheddar is made to be just as good melted, baked or grilled as it is to sit proudly at the centre of a cheese board.

Doyenne of British cookery, Mrs. Beeton (from Mrs Beeton’s Book of Cookery 1993 edition) states that ‘hard, well-aged, mature cheeses [such as our Vintage Reserve 1833 Cheddar] melt better and blend better with other ingredients than less ripened cheeses. Less is needed too, since they are richer and better flavoured’

If you are cooking with cheese do so with ease and gentleness! Our Vintage Reserve Cheddar should never be rushed, especially in the kitchen! Gentle cooking will ensure it becomes soft, molten and golden, never rubbery or stringy. Heat cheddar too quickly and it could also split, separating the curds from the fat in the cheese.

We hope that you agree that it really is worth using the best quality Vintage cheese, such as our Vintage Reserve 1833 Cheddar, in your cooking. Prepared with a little patience and care in your kitchen, we think you’ll be as happy as we are with the results in ours.