2015’s Ultimate Cheese Toastie

2015’s Ultimate Cheese Toastie

Armed with Barber’s 1833 and a host of delicious, complimentary ingredients, five well prepared bloggers took their place in the kitchen, ready to battle for this year’s crown. Ranging from a classic three cheese and chutney, to an adventurous creation involving Nduja sausage and honey, each toastie was designed to show off the flavour of Barber’s 1833 in its own unique way.

Presenting each toastie to an eager panel of carefully selected judges, votes were taken on which blend of ingredients was this year’s favourite. Once all of the entries had been devoured by a happy panel, scores were counted, and a winner selected.

Funnily, the top place nearly went to our very own Charlie Barber, although he stepped aside due to possible bias of the judging panel (all of the Barbers were, of course, involved in the tasting!)

That left us with one very clear winner… May of Eat Cook Explore! With a palate pleasing combination of spicy Nduja sausage, sweet apple, a ripe pear, honey and Barber’s 1833 vintage reserve cheddar. May created a toastie that everyone enjoyed, and was rewarded for her efforts.

We had a fantastic turnout to the toastie challenge this year, with five mouth-watering recipes that we recommend you try. We have listed each one below; let us know which is your favourite!

2015 entries:

May ( - Nduja italian sausage, sweet apple, a ripe pear, honey, mature cheddar. 

Rosie ( - Three cheeses, caramelised onion chutney.

Tamsin ( - Parma ham, spring onion, mature cheddar, black pepper.

Ami ( ) -  BBQ sauce, cooked chicken, mature cheddar, red onion, sweet peppers.

Megan ( ) - Corned beef, ham, pickled gherkins, english mustard, mature cheddar.