Say Cheese for the Camera

Say Cheese for the Camera

Earlier this month we were delighted to spend the day with The One Show's reporter Ruth Goodman, as she took a tour around our farm and dairy.

As part of a segment celebrating the success of British cheese, Ruth explored the long heritage of our firm - from our great-great-grandfather Daniel, through to the seventh generation of young Barbers who are waiting to take the reins.

Starting in the fields and moving through the milking parlour, Charlie and Giles Barber took Ruth through the different stages of cheese-making, capturing how we blend state of the art equipment with traditional techniques. Ruth explored the role of our unique starter cultures, as well as how we still turn and stack the curds by hand - all of which goes to ensure that our cheddar achieves the perfect taste and texture.

Giles Barber said of the experience: "We're proud of our history and our cheese, so there's nothing we like better than to spread the word. We're delighted with the film and hope that it makes even more people give authentic British cheddar a try."

You can watch us on The One Show here at: