Try a Beer with Barber's 1833

Try a Beer with Barber's 1833

The independent beer trade is now booming, and we think there are some great tasting beers that are the ideal pairing for 1833… So why not pass on the wine next time, and pair your cheddar with a pint instead?

Beer and cheese share a long heritage: the monks of the Middle Ages were renowned for making both and, for the workers, cheese and ale were daily staples. Recent generations have made wine the drink of choice with cheese but now a resurgence in brewing has seen a revival of the classic ploughman's combination.

Cheese and beer often share characteristics that complement each other, such as nutty, earthy or sweet flavours. Or instead you can choose to emphasise the contrasts - maybe pairing a sweet beer with a sharp cheese. Because it is carbonated, beer also acts as a great palate-cleanser, cutting through the richness of the cheese.

Matured for at least two years, our 1833 cheddar has a complexity of flavour that makes it a great match for all kinds of beers. Here are some of our current favourites:

Meantime India Pale Ale (ABV 7.4%)
With their strong taste of hops and bitter characteristics, IPAs can overwhelm many foods but the intensity of 1833 is more than a match for this ale, and complements the earthy and citrus notes of the hops.

Bath Ales Gem (ABV 4.8%)
With its rich aroma of hops and malt and well balanced bitter, sweet and even toffee notes Gem works well with the robust impact of the 1833, while the sweetness beneath picks up the contrast well with the cheddar's mellow savoury notes.

Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout (ABV 4.5%)
As the seasons change, pair stouts and porters with cheddar for a comforting combination. With this Bristol Beer Factory brew, the sweetness of the lactose accentuates the creaminess of our cheddar, as its earthy finish draws out the savoury notes of the 1833.

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