Factories all over the globe make ‘cheddar’ these days. Barber’s cheddar, though, is one of just a handful with PDO-accreditation. Only cheddar made from West Country milk, using traditional techniques, and aged to perfection is deemed worthy of this award.

Our family is one of just six worldwide to make West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, the only PDO-accredited cheddar.

PDO stands for Protected Designation of Origin, a status awarded to food made in a unique way, within a particular area. When you buy food with a PDO — whether it’s French champagne, Columbian coffee or West Country Farmhouse Cheddar — you can be sure you’re buying a product of quality and authenticity.

Maryland Farm is just 15 miles from the village of Cheddar. As long ago as 800 years ago, farmers were taking advantage of the temperate climate and lush pastures to make cheese. As its reputation spread, factories worldwide tried to replicate ‘cheddar’. Now, just a handful of farms still remain using local milk and time–honoured techniques to produce genuine West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.

Our PDO assures you that the milk for our cheddar comes from cows in Somerset and Dorset. It means it’s made using traditional techniques, such as stacking and turning the curds by hand — the method called ‘cheddaring’. Plus, all of our PDO cheese is matured for at least nine months, enabling it to develop the rich, full flavour of true cheddar.

Only when our expert cheese grader decides it’s of the highest quality does it get the PDO seal of approval. That way, you can be sure you’re buying cheddar that reflects the land and heritage of its original region.