Our farm

The finest traditional cheddar demands rich and creamy West Country milk. Only by sourcing milk from our own herds and those of neighbouring farmers who share the same care for both their land and animals can we make truly great cheese.

Maryland Farm lies in the heart of rural Somerset. The climate is mild with plenty of rainfall and this, combined with fertile soil, results in lush grass for our dairy cows to eat.

Our family have always been farmers, as well as cheesemakers. Today, more than 2,500 of our cows graze pastures that have produced cheddar for centuries. To make our cheese, we use milk from both our own herds, and those of other local farmers.

It’s this milk, produced in Somerset and Dorset, which means we can make PDO-accredited cheddar. The PDO certifies that our cheese was made using local milk, traditional techniques and was aged to perfection for at least nine months.

We’re determined that nothing goes to waste on the farm. We use specialist equipment to separate leftover whey into different parts. The cream is churned into butter and the lactose sugar is used to feed livestock. The leftover liquid is turned into protein powder, that’s used to make infant formula and other products. Finally, any remaining water goes to wash our dairy, before it’s filtered, purified and returned to the local watercourse.

We’ve made a few changes since 1833 but our commitment to the environment is stronger than ever. After all, only by taking care of our land, animals and surroundings will we be rewarded with the best cheddar, now and in the future.