In-cider knowledge

In-cider knowledge

If cheddar is the food most associated with the West Country, then cider is its drink, and at Maryland Farm, we’ve spent centuries enjoying Barber’s 1833 with only the finest ciders. Apple trees and grass both thrive in warm, wet regions so it’s no wonder that our corner of the country has been making the best cider and cheddar for hundreds of years!

Traditionally, cheese is paired with wine. However, cider has many characteristics in common with wine, making it just as good a match. In particular, cider and 1833 both share earthy and rounded flavours and, whilst sweet ciders contrast well with our tangy cheddar, drier varieties can cut through its richness. It's an evocative match that speaks of heritage and terroir.

It's hard to go wrong with cheddar and cider, but here are three combinations we’re enjoying in particular:

Oakwood Cider (ABV 4.8%)
Produced by our friends at Sheppy's Cider, in the south of Somerset, Oakwood is made from traditional vintage cider apples. Less sweet than commercial ciders, its dry finish and light tannins complement the mellowness of our 1833, whilst the carbonation refreshes the palate between each mouthful.


Once Upon a Tree's Blenheim Superb 'Ice' Cider (ABV 7.5%)
This unique British cider is made using the 'ice wine' technique of freezing juice then allowing it to thaw. The resulting liquid is sweet and concentrated, but not cloying. The spiced fruit and honey notes cut through the creaminess of the 1833, accentuating its savoury, and slightly sweet, finish.

Somerset Pomona (ABV 20%)
Described as 'like a cider-flavoured port', this local brew is a blend of apple juice and Somerset Cider Brandy. Sweet, smooth and full-bodied, Pomona is the perfect after-dinner companion to 1833, its butterscotch finish bringing out the caramel notes of our cheddar.

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Alternatively, try our cheese with beer.