Wild Garlic Pesto

Wild Garlic Pesto
  • Time 0.5 hours minutes
  • Makes 850ml
  • Very Easy
    • 300g of Barber’s Cheddar
    • Handful of fresh Wild Garlic 200g
    • 10g Butter
    • 350g Hazelnuts
    • 450ml Olive Oil
    • Smoked Dorset Sea salt 10g
    • 6 x Jars random sizes
      1. You will need a strong food blender for this recipe
      2. To the 200g of leaves I added 300g of Hazelnuts that I had lightly roasted with a knob of butter and a generous sprinkling of smoked Dorset Sea salt along with 450ml of good cold pressed olive oil. My preference would have been for a local rape seed oil however I had olive oil in the cupboard. Once the hazelnuts had cooled I put the nuts, 300g of 1833 cheddar (broken in to chunks) into the food blender and whizzed until it formed a fine bread crumb like mixture. Next I added half the oil and all the washed garlic leaves, the next stage I whizzed the mixture whilst drizzling the rest of the oil in to the mix until a lovely aromatic green pesto was formed trying not to over process the garlic.