Vegetarian Black Bean and Beetroot Hummus 1833 Cheddar Cheese Burger

Vegetarian Black Bean  and Beetroot Hummus 1833 Cheddar Cheese Burger
  • Time 60 minutes
  • Makes 4
  • Difficulty Easy
    • 190g of Barber’s 1833, sliced and grated
    • I tin of Black Beans
    • Brioche Buns
    • 2x Slices bread or breadcrumbs
    • 1 garlic clove, crushed
    • 1x Onion
    • Red Pepper
    • Humous
    • Cooked beetroot
    • Salad leaves
    1. Take the sliced bread and toast, place in food mixer and blend until fine breadcrumbs.
    2. Chop up the onion and add to the blender along with the black beans, Garlic and a generous handful of grated cheese. Blend until you have a good chopped mix of the ingredients. Be careful not to over blend
    3. Remove the mix and form into patties and chill
    4. Now for the Beetroot Hummus. By all means make your own or alternatively buy a good quality smoked hummus as it is delicious and easy. Place the hummus in the blender along with one cooked beetroot and blend together < li>
    5. Slice the red pepper and place under a hot grill cook until lightly charred .
    6. Cut some generous slices of 1833 which will be placed on the burger and then grilled after you have cooked them.
    7. Lightly toast the brioche bun and set aside.
    8. Place the patties on a grill pan and brush with oil, grill until brown and cooked through turning when needed. We set the grill to 195°c. Once cooked remove the grill tray and place the 1833 on the burger and grill until melted.
    9. Assemble the Burger and serve with salad leaves and chunky chips